Terms of use

1. Applicability of terms and conditions

1.1. These general conditions of sale apply to all contracts concluded between :
• The visitor of the website www.cholophyllefleurs.be placing an order , hereinafter called the purchaser,
• The website www.chlorophyllefleurs.be represented by independent physical person Marc Verkempinck established at 94-96 Avenue Paul Pastur 6032 in Mont -sur- Marchienne Belgium and registered under the VAT number BE 0654.410.203 , hereinafter called the vendor.

1.2. The attention of the visitor / buyer www.cholophyllefleurs.be website is always drawn to these terms and conditions before it can pass control .

1.3. When ordering, therefore the buyer gives his full and unconditional to these terms of sale consent.

1.4. The buyer can not rely on any other documents issued by the seller, such as catalogs or brochures, which are also supposed to have at all times an indicative value . That is why the buyer against the seller can not otherwise provided , unless the seller has formally accepted in writing , regardless of when it was sent to the buyer.

1.5. The fact that the seller does not rely at some point one or more of these terms to the buyer does not imply the termination of the rights they contain and do not preclude subsequent use of these conditions.

1.6. The invalidity of one or more articles or part of a section of these terms and conditions shall not affect their validity .

1.7. The seller reserves the right to modify at any time these terms and conditions . The modified conditions produce their effects immediately , without prejudice to the rights already acquired by the seller.

2. The contract of sale

2.1. The buyer is responsible for all the information it provides to the seller when ordering. Seller shall in no event be liable because it failed to deliver (on time) the goods sold for if it appears that the recipient information have not been properly introduced.

2.2. Each order is placed subject to acceptance by the seller. It is in any case necessary that the buyer confirms the order by paying the price.

2.3. The buyer can not invoke a right of withdrawal , including as provided for in Article 80 , § 4, 2 ° of the Law of 14 July 1991 on commercial practices and on information and consumer protection . Given the nature of products sold ( freshness) , the buyer can not abandon its purchase or make changes to the products ordered. The amount paid is vested by the seller.

2.4. The availability of the products offered is limited to stock in stores this seller. If out of stock , the seller can validly discharged its obligations by providing another product with the same properties as the product is not available, in terms of volume and quality.

3. Delivery of goods

3.1. The delivery is considered as executed within the agreed time , or by delivery of the product to the address indicated or, in the absence of the recipient , leaving a message mentioning the possibility of withdrawal . In the latter case , due to their limited storage , the products sold can be removed within two days.

3.2. The delivery time is presented as accurately as possible. The seller may not, however, be arrested for late deliveries . Except in cases of force majeure, the sales contract may, however, be dissolved if delivery is more than twenty- four hours after the time indicated . In this case, the buyer has the right to reimbursement of the price paid maximum , excluding any other compensation.

3.3. The following cases of force majeure , including , release the seller from his obligation to deliver : war, riot, fire , strikes, ban traffic accidents and inability to be self- supplied through normal suppliers.

3.4. In the following circumstances, in particular , the seller may temporarily suspend delivery: internal network failures , failures in telephony , failures relating to access ( problematic) to the Internet and the like. The performance of the contract is suspended until it is rectified the fault and / or access to the Internet is restored without the buyer may invoke the termination of the contract and / or damages interests.

3.5. In any case, the seller is obliged to deliver if the buyer has fulfilled all its obligations to him.

4. Receipt of goods

4.1. Given the nature of the goods supplied , including freshness , every complaint about it must reach seller within two days of receipt.

4.2. The seller’s liability is at all limited to a maximum refund of cases, with the exception of all other allowances.

4.3. Complaints relating to a specific have no influence on the prior or subsequent orders and deliveries delivery. The buyer is required to pay the full price orders earlier or later.

4.4. If the buyer notice of defects at the reception for some of the goods delivered, it can only enforce its rights with respect to that party.

5. Return of goods

5.1. A formal agreement between the buyer and seller must precede any reference.

5.2. Any reference accepted in case of visible defect or non-conforming delivery , may give rise, after verification by the seller, replacement of the product or a credit note , to the exclusion of any other compensation.

6. The Prices

6.1. The products are sold and delivered to the price charged at the time of order confirmation.

6.2. All payments are made in cash and are portable and payable Belgian place of business or the Belgian headquarters of the seller.

7. Personal Data Protection

7.1. Seller strictly apply the law of 8 December 1992 , as well as ethical principles derived about the personal information that the buyer may be required to provide in the context of an order placed on the website www.cholorophyllefleurs.be.

7.2. The information collected on the website www.chlorophyllefleurs.be can be transmitted to partner companies in order to benefit the buyer appropriate offers.

7.3. As required by the Act of 8 December 1992, the buyer has a right of access, modification, rectification and deletion of personal data . It can exercise by contacting the seller the contact details on the contact page of the website www.chlorophyllefleurs.be.

7.4. The collection and automated processing of personal and personal information and the recipients of this information have been defined, declared and authorized by the Commission for the Protection of the Privacy Commissioner (OPC).

7.5. Beyond legal obligations, the seller undertakes the following ethical rules :

7.5.1. Cookie files are recorded in the memory of the client browser when it consults the website www.chlorophyllefleurs.be . Their life is permanent. They contain a unique identifier browser . They are history visits www.chlorophyllefleurs.be website and on each of its pages. The customer always has the option to set their browser to refuse cookies without thereby affecting the navigation on the website www.chlorophyllefleurs.be.

7.5.2. The message says that the customer chooses to include in his order constitutes confidential data . Accordance with legal requirements , we retain such information in secure conditions and in limited time periods. These data are available only to staff website www.chlorophyllefleurs.be and are used to process the customer’s order . The coordinates of the recipient of the order are the same used in order to ensure its delivery. The seller is bound by professional secrecy and never transfer this information to third parties , as he did not use for commercial purposes.

7.5.3. When the customer places an order on the website www.chlorophyllefleurs.be , he communicates his e -mail coordinates that are used for tracking the order. These coordinates are also used to send the customer newsletters on the seller’s products . If the customer does not wish to receive information from the seller , he always has the option to unsubscribe from this mailing list by return mail.

7.5.4. Transmission of information related to the payment and in particular the transmission of a credit card number and its expiration date takes place in a secure environment, using existing protocols on the Internet. Not under its jurisdiction , the seller has entrusted its payment system to a service provider specializing in secure online payments and electronic payment terminals credit card in traditional shops. Therefore , the seller does not know or never retains information regarding the customer’s credit card.

8. Conflict solution

8.1. The seller undertakes to handle any complaints or disputes as soon as possible.

8.2. In case of dispute between the buyer and the seller, its resolution by a settlement agreement will be recommended first place and enforced. If the dispute can not be resolved and only the Court of Commerce of Charleroi is proficient , notwithstanding multiple defendants or warranty . In any case, only Belgian courts are competent and only Belgian law applies.